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Colored themes for Instagram

by Kate
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Make your Instagram more attractive with a custom themes pack

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Welcome Colored themes for Instagram – an extension that changes the white Instagram theme to a new colored design. If you are an Instagram user and you are bored with its white theme – change it to new cool colors, that match your preferences. We have created several themes for you and we sure you’ll like them!

We offer you eight different themes for now. There are more in development. We add them as soon as they are ready. Themes that ready to use below:

How to use it?

First variant – from any site:

  1. Click on an extension icon. A side menu will show up from the right side of a screen
  2. Choose any theme by clicking on it
  3. Check your Instagram page

Second variant – from settings page:

  1. Right-click on the extension icon in the extensions list
  2. Click ‘Options’. Extension options page will open
  3. Choose any theme by clicking on it. An important note. If you change theme for the first time and you have opened Instagram pages, to see changes you need to refresh them manually. All following changes will apply to all opened Instagram pages without page reloading
  4. Check your Instagram page

Enjoy your new Instagram 😉

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